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Polygel nail set
Interest in nail polish and beautiful nails is greater than ever, and there are many different ways you can achieve this. On this page we take you on a tour of the polygel part of the nail polish world, what polygel is, how to make polygel nails and polygel nail kits. So if you haven't yet got to grips with polygel nails, fear not - we'll explain everything you need to know about polygel.

What is polygel?
As in so many other industries, there is a lot of innovation and new thinking in the nail industry, and it is this innovation that seems to have led to the relatively new product of polygel. 'Polygel' or 'Poly gel' has in fact been formulated as a hybrid product of jelly and acrylic. By this is meant that some of the best properties of each of these products have been taken and combined, resulting in the creation of polygel. Polygel is thus a product that typically comes in a tube, the contents of which are a toothpaste-like mass that is just fluid enough to work with.

Because polygel is based on the best of two different worlds, acrylic and jelly, it is actually possible for you to apply the product in several different ways depending on your needs and how you want the result to be. If you're going for a natural look that you want to be durable and strong, you can choose to simply apply your poly gel kit the same way you would with regular gel polish or nail polish. By this, we mean that you don't change the length of your nails - you simply apply durable colour to your own nails. However, if you want to be able to work on the length of your nails, it is also possible to use polygel for this. This can be done by lengthening your own nails, so you have the opportunity to get exactly the length and shape you want. Exactly how to do this, we explain in more detail below!

Nailster Polygel Starter Set
Do you find it difficult to get an overview of which tools and products are important to have in order to create beautiful polygel nails? Fear not, as we at Nailster have two different polygel nail kits that contain everything you need! The two polygel nail kits both contain the necessary products to get you started. So what's the difference?

Basic polygel nail kit:
Our first polygel nail kit contains all the basic products you need to get started easily and safely. The products range from:

Coats: base coat and top coat no wipe.
Acrylic Gel: Acrylic Gel Clear 216 and Acrylic Gel Pink 218.
Tools: dual molds, nail art crystal glass, nail file 180/220, buffer, oil, cleanser, brush and clip.

It is therefore ideal for those who want to explore our amazing nail universe and unleash their inner nail enthusiast. Plus, this set is incredibly affordable, so it won't cost you a fortune to get started on those beautiful nails you've always dreamed of!

Premium polygel nail kit:
Our other pick for a truly amazing polygel nail kit is our Premium polygel nail kit. What's the difference? Here you get even more delicious quality products that pamper your hands via extra care. What's not to like?! So here are extra files, our UV/LED lamp, extra accessories such as nail scissors and cuticle scissors, lint-free pads and a brush. The set is worth every penny and we guarantee you'll love it

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