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Nailster gel polish starter kit — Everything you need in one pack

Are you not sure exactly what you need to get started with making beautiful, long-lasting Nailster gel polish nails? And should it be easy and simple to do? Then you've ended up in just the right place. At Nailster, we have composed three different starter kits, which contain everything you need and more for making gel polish nails. Dive into our gel polish starter kit here on the site and find just the right thing to match both your mood and your gel polish ambitions.

Nailster gel polish starter kit — Make beautiful gel polish nails when it suits you

With our various Nailster starter kits, you can easily and quickly get started with making beautiful gel polish nails on your feet and hands at your own home. It can often be a bit more expensive to get gel polish nails done at the professional nail salons, but with our starter kit you can get all the necessary accessories and equipment that will enable you to make durable and beautiful nails yourself with a nice finish.

We offer three different types of Nailster gel polish starter sets, and what they all have in common is that at the very least you'll find the necessary accessories and a UV and LED lamp in all of them. Are you a beginner and have you never worked with gel polish before? In that case, we would recommend that you check out our in-depth Nailster guide, which guides you step-by-step through the gel polish treatment before you get started.

Please note that none of our three Nailster starter kits contain colored polishes. You need to make sure to add those on top of your order before you complete the purchase of your gel polish starter kit. Dive into our colored gel polishes and find your favorites that will fit your feet and hands.

Which starter kit should you choose?

Are you not sure which gel polish starter kit to choose? Don't fret! When you click on each Nailster starter set, you will find a product description that describes and informs you about what exactly they contain. The best way to get started though is clearly with our beautiful Nailster standard starter kit, which includes all of the necessary basic tools, polishes (except colored polishes) and our Pro UV and LED lamp.

If you're closely familiar with gel polishes and you're crazy about nail art, then we recommend our Nailster luxury starter kit instead that also includes all the necessary basic tools and more. In our Nailster luxury starter kit, you get everything a genuine gel polish enthusiast dream of. For example, you get more nurturing polishes, different top coats and nail art tools. With our luxury starter kit, we have turned up all the dials and you will get a gel polish starter set that most people dream of.

Do you just want to try out gel polish? And are you perhaps unsure of whether it's really something for you? Fortunately, we also have a gel polish starter kit that hits that exact need. In our Nailster budget starter kit, you get the necessary basic tools, but our Pro lamp is swapped for our Nailster travel lamp, which is smaller in size and power.

We're talking about a gel polish starter kit at a very good price where you will have the opportunity to try Nailster gel polish at home without it having to cost you a fortune. Should you end up getting hooked, then you can buy more nurturing products, polishes and tools, a more powerful UV and LED lamp or nail art accessories, all of which you can find on our website under gel polish accessories.

Save money with our Nailster gel polish starter kit

Our Nailster starter kit not only makes it easy and quick for you to get started making gel polish at home. They actually make it cheaper, too. Because when you invest in one of our gel polish starter kits, you get an all-in-one solution that is cheaper than if you would collect a set on your own. So a Nailster starter kit is a true win-win situation when you're just starting out. No matter if you choose budget, standard or luxury, there will be money to save which you can spend on buying our colored gel polishes, for example.

Should you need new accessories, tools or products after some time, you can easily buy that too from us at very good prices. At Nailster, we don't think it should be expensive to have and make beautiful gel polish nails, which is why we offer all items in our selection at great prices.

Buy your Nailster gel polish starter kit already today

Do you dream of being able to make beautiful gel polish nails at home, without it costing you a fortune? And have you already had your eyes set on a specific gel polish starter kit? Then add it to the basket and order already today. At Nailster, we offer fast delivery to the entire country so you can get started making gel polish nails in just a few weekdays.

Do you have any questions regarding our Nailster starter kit? In that case you can check out our FAQ, which answers some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answers there, please don't hesitate to contact us. Team Nailster is ready to help you out so that you can raise your nail game to new heights with Nailster. 


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